Welcome to Lätta spår

This website is a Swedish forum and atlas for everyone who has an interest in modern tram and light rail systems as part of urban development processes. The concept of TramTrain and other technical solutions of light rail transport are included, as well as organisational and economic issues of integrated public transport systems. Problems and solutions are discussed from Swedish, and Nordic, points of view and are related to foreign examples, mainly European ones.

The website was launched as a part of the R&D project FODRAL pursued by the Swedish consultancy Trivector Traffic, in co-operation with the government, transport operating companies and other stakeholders in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. The project was funded by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, VINNOVA.

The acronym FODRAL is short for "Organisation for financing and operation of regional light rail systems" in Swedish, and this project is about looking into, illustrating and suggesting changes to the organisational framework to be able to fund and operate light rail infrastructure, i.e. rail infrastructure which is not heavy rail. In Sweden, as well as in the other Nordic countries, there are no clear legislative and regulatory frameworks today on how to deal with such issues.

The website is unfortunately not available in English, however some information in English is available here. If you want to read more about light rail systems in English or about examples from English speaking countries there is plenty information available at e.g. lightrail.nl or lrta.org. For more information on light rail examples worldwide, see our link library.
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